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Does anyone have one, and do they work?


  • no and apparently so..

  • First entry having read the discussions for ages Yes I have a slingbox and watch my TV from home in Spain via my laptop. It also uploads a Sky remote and you then do exactly as if you were at home; Sky plus etc all works. The faster your downloads the better but works adequately at 2mgs. The main thing is to ensure that your laptop and Slingbox are set up for remote viewing before you leave home. The support staff at slingbox are brilliant and will set up the connection for you via your laptop. Hope this helps
  • Cheers E T P
  • I watch more British TV now than i did when living back home. is the way to go!!
  • +1 for Uk Nova. A great way to get UK TV wherever you are. Never had a Slingbox, but I know others who use them and they are great devices too.
  • I bought a slingbox last year in preparation for watching this years Ashes from the comfort of my desk at work... Only use it sporadically at the moment but have been impressed with the quality and service. Expansys were selling the solo version off at about £60 last time I looked...
  • Cheers Johnboy, think I will invest, looks good, especially letting the missus keep up with Eastenders etc when away on holiday.
  • Haven't tried the Slingbox technology as I have poor broadband speed at home, but Sky Player allows you to watch your subscription channels live on your laptop wherever you are, costs nothing and works OK even at less than 1 meg.
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