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The Best Alarm!!!

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    Nice one bibble.Could have done with one of those in 1964 when my Triumph 110 was nicked one night after I got home late from Johnson's caff on the A20 and didn't bother to put it in the garage (I lived at Culverstone-bungalow called Appledore-still there I think) Got up in the morning-no 'bike. 'Phoned Meopham police (the afore-mentioned Sgt.Robinson), 'I know where it is ' he said , 'one of my lads saw it in the hedge down the road from you at about 4.00a.m they probably couldn't start it . My man pushed into Owls Castle and I was going to 'phone you later to tell you'. Sure enough there it was:they obviously couldn't work out the ignition advance/retard, or the valve lifter thing. Yes, the coppers were more obliging in those days! Perhaps I'd better get one of these gizmos for the old Bonnie I've got at the moment: are they actually legal?
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