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Any more signings ?

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Diawara, Pouso etc.

Can anyone see us securing any signings before the deadline ?

If so, what position ? I think most likely is a centre half, but i won't be suprised if nothing goes through.


  • So diawara and pousa are locked on afka!!
  • Speaking to my Dad at Weekend they were hoping to secure a centre half & centre midfielder this week, but you know how transfers can go wrong at the last minute.
  • NIce bit of info there Ketman, i hope they dont go down the african route, already gonna lose Amdy in january dont want anynore!
  • next ANC is January 2008 so don't panic. I reckon four signings by Thursday, Puseo, Diawara, striker, a n other. Euell and Andersen out at least.
  • good news about the ANC, didn't realise it was that far off.

    I feel you are being very hopeful with four signings.
  • WTF is ANC??
  • African Nations Cup
  • Oh yeah, i can see that now!! i am aving a fick day today!!!!
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