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Tom Soares

edited February 2009 in General Charlton
Great news he is staying on for another month IMO, has improved with every game and really impressed me on Saturday.


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    Is good news - just fingers crossed Stoke don't get any injuries as it will be a 24hr call back.

    Showed his defensive qualities I thought on saturday more than his attacking skill (which he showed against Palace).
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    Agreed, would like him on a perm deal, cant be done but a loan till the nend of the season would do!!
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    Not sure if right wing is his best position though.

    BUT he certainly is one of the better loanees we have had in this season and has some class.
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    Good news. More of a CM that a winger IMHO but he does his job well especially defensively as shown Saturday.

    Shame about the 24 hour recall but that's the down side of loans.

    Noticed he took the throw ins. Well he is a Stoke player : - )
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    yep henry came to the conclusion that was due to murty's dislocation!!
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    [cite]Posted By: CAFCBourne[/cite]yep henry came to the conclusion that was due to murty's dislocation!!

    I had missed that and wondered why Murty has a bandage on his hand.
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    Sure is good news good player
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    I agree he looks more like CM but he's doing a decent job on the right. Competition for Sam, who is useful to have on the bench being the type of player he is.
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    [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]
    Noticed he took the throw ins.)

    Does he actually throw it to one of our players? That would make a change ;-)
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    Just set up Hibs goal in the Scottish Cup Final.

    Hearts 2 - 1 Hibs at HT
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    Still awful i see
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    Wasn't awful at all in my opinion. Was part of a bad season in our history but he was one of the more promising players. Great pace on him and also played a blinder against Palace if I remember rightly.
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