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NEW ARTICLE: The Passing of ex-chairman Michael Gliksten

With the help of Peter Varney, Ben Hayes looks back following the passing of ex-chairman Michael Gliksten


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    Its indeed a passing of an era, (I didn't realise I was the same age as Peter Varney)
    Looking back Gliksten was 'conservative' but compared to his fellow Chaiman at the time ; both ambitious for their clubs
    Mickey Purser at Millwall and (I stand to be corrected) Arthur Waite at Palace he was a gent of the old school.
    The difference was he somehow lacked the aparent drive to get in new investment and thought perhaps ' something would turn up and we were only a couple of players away from theFirst Division and glory.
    A critical point must have been 68-69 when a 3rd place under Firmani saw Palace promoted in second place to Clough's Derby side.
    One of two key signings in that run in (Rumour at the time Alex Ferguson was coming from Rangers for the Magic £100,000 ) things could have been so different.
    The saddest thing is that under Murray /Varney /Curbs we had finally got back there ! And now -----------
  • Brilliant article Ben.

    I mentioned to a friend only a couple of weeks ago how great an autobiography of Mr Michael would be and how much credit to the man it was that he never responded to the largely unjustified flak that came his way especially from the money grabbing sunleys and flash hulyer.
  • Very fair and balanced article.
  • Excellent article.
    It's great to hear that the old chairman after all still loved Charlton.
  • I enjoyed that article Ben, I once met Michael at a party, shortly before Mark took over. We were just a group of covered end boys as was Mark before he got rich, and meeting our Chairman was a joy for the likes of us. He certainly had a presence, and spoke to a group of us for ages, about the club and our heroes, at the same level which we felt extremely privileged about. I remember I even told him I had sung 'Gilkstein out' on a number of occasions , and I remember his smile, which made me feel very humble and insignificant.
    He was a true gent and I was very sad to hear he had died, He is part of our history like it or not, which we should embrace and think the best of ,because I belive he was a genuine Charlton Boy . I think the club was his passion, as is ours , so to me he's ok.
    RIP Michael
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