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Derby Uncomfirmed Bookings - PLEASE READ

I have still yet to recieve any form of payment from the following lifers, therefore should i not get any notification in terms of payment before saturday i will offer the seats up to those on the reserve list:

Blackheathaddick 2
Uncle 2
Adam the Addick 2
Dave Mehmet 2
Supa Clive 2
Buckshee 1
Killers Beard 4
Roseandcrown 1
Kimbo 2




  • Hi WIWALB - can you whisper me your bank details and I'll make the payment tonight - cheers!

  • If you want to whisper me as well that's cool or mail me. Let me know how much as well . Cheers
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    naughty naughty lifers...
  • Me too. and Im still up for that extra place as soon as 1 comes available. thanks
  • Please send me either address or bank details so i can transfer funds to you. If not will have to opt out :(
  • Where is WIWALB, so that I can pay?!!
  • Done

    let me know if there are any problems

    John Sterne
  • I have just transferred £24 to the account, see you on the bus, will get details nearer the time

    Can you confirm whether we're still on the list?????
  • i dont think he reads stickies very well.
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    can you all pay up WIWALB has gone to a lot of trouble to sort this for us
  • Trying to Tav. Both KB and i have both sent chqs that have both not turned up. In the end i transferred the money electronicaly ystrdy!
  • I have paid, by the way - just not sure if WIWALB has read my last whisper?!??!!

    Here's to 3 points and us moving out of the relegation zone ...... ;-)
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  • Can you please whisper me your details so I can transfer the money across. I asked the same on Feb 3rd but didnt get anything
  • think i've just sent it across. thought i'd done it before but couldn't find the details. reference is "sausage derby" and its for me and my 2 others.
    sorry for the delay!
  • BUMP

    Anyone know the post code of where we have to meet for the Uber Coach and any local car park i can leave my car at?
  • Cant wait for this... :-)

    is it fancy dress?
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]Cant wait for this... :-)

    is it fancy dress?

    I was thinking that! I think it should be!
  • I shall come as a gladiator if it is!
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  • [cite]Posted By: suzisausage[/cite]. reference is "sausage derby" !

    Would love to see the look on the bank employees face inputing this one. LOL
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]I shall come as a Gladioli if it is!

    I reckon you'll look bloomin' lovely
  • ha ha ha - let's just hope our performances begin to flower before then!
  • Anybody know if we can buy Derby ticket's on the day??
  • i went out in bexleyheath on saturday.

    I was asked for ID to go in one bar... bearing in miond me the 4 other females i was with are 40 years of age. Thought he was joking - but his attitude made us realise he wasnt. Khazi. After Derby i dont intend rushing back there.
  • Got my train tickets a week ago, 22 quid return.
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]Anybody know if we can buy Derby ticket's on the day??
    I mean the match tickets lol ;o)
  • I know i know.

    Not sure mate. Hope so
  • me too otherwise i'll be finding a local to get destroyed in whilst everyone watches the footy!
  • ...and i'll be joining you...!
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