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Monty to lead Europe at Ryder Cup


  • was convinced Olle would get the nod for that one with Monty having it at Gleneagles next time round.
  • He's got to be better than Faldo hasn't he!
  • just thought I'd share that I'm playing the Ryder Cup 'twenty-ten' course at Celtic Manor on Friday, last day of it's use before the main event.

    I'm on a corporate and staying there tomorrow night but I happen to know it's £200 a round !!!

    cannot wait...
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    The Ryder Cup is now my 2nd favourite sporting event. The Ashes, home or away come top and it used to be the World Cup 2nd. However the last two world Cups have left me feeling so empty and let down, as a tournament and not just England's performance.
    My list of fav sporting events now reads:-
    Ryder Cup
    The Open
    The Masters
    FIFA World Cup
    European Championship
    The Grand National

    Back to this years Ryder Cup, I hate Colin Montgomerie, I love Nick Faldo. However I think Monty will be as good as captain as Faldo was a bad one.
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    some moody rumours about monty flying about. hopefully he doesn't get snookered and is a fine captain for us.
  • There is a load of gossip doing the rounds, stuff like him living up to his American nickname.
    Nothing will come out till the weekend is over thankfully.
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