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Killing For Everest

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Anyone else see this on the new channel Eden last night?.

Could not believe what I was watching. A double amputee walks past a dieing man on his way down from the summit of Mt Everest, is then villified for not rescuing him. 30 others walked past and no one else is mentioned.

A slightly senile looking Edmund Hillary is interviewed absolutely hammering the guy.



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    i take it it was his arms that were amputated then :-))) IF HE WALKED PAST lol
  • In what way was he dying, ie had he fallen, couldn't beathe etc. If he was near the summit of everest then he was pretty much screwed anyway. It is hard enough for most fully able bodied people to make it to the top of everest and back, let alone carrying someone who is dying themselves. Anyone who decides to climb everest knows the risk that they are taking and that there is a fair chance that they wont come back. People trying to help him would put their own lives even more at risk than they already are.

    I wouldn't have helped, mainly because you'd never catch me up mount everest...
  • He was in a place called Green Boots Cave (houses the body of another dead climber). Had summited alone the day before.

    Had been in the cave without oxygen for an entire night in -40 temps.

    His entire face was frost bitten as were his hands and feet, couldn't move and couldn't breath in the oxygen offered to him.

    In other words completly fcucked.

    The amputee - Mark Ingles - ended up being carried the last 200 metres as his bones had pierced the skin on his leg stumps!!!!.

    The New Zealand press also slaughtered Russell Bryce the guy who organised Ingles summit attempt. Not a word about the people who let the other guy summit alone and without oxygen!!!

    Even the dead guys brother said he knew the risks and wouldn't have expected anyone to risk their life to save him.

    We think the press is bad over here......not a patch on the New Zealand gutter snipes.
  • I thought this was about Ted Moult. ;-)
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