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Way too far.....Talksport tonight

I listened to talksport tonight and collymore and kelly were talking football violence as it kicked off all weekend!

Three things made double take to make sure I heard right......

1. Derby v Forest last Friday, 2 Sheep heads were thrown through a Derby pub window.

2. A lady caller rung in and said she was an active member of Forests firm..She was married with kids!!!!!!!!!!

3. and the worst of all....A sunderland fan rung in and said the his mum runs a b+b and a dozen millwall stayed one weekend and they were the nicest people you could ever meet......Thats just wrong!!!


  • allright pal, you having a drink tomorrow?
  • lol

    The sheep head thing cracked me up

    the other was the 51 year old bloke who rang up and said he was still an active Hoolie with his teenage son - now that is just plain wrong LOL.
  • I know some older than Charlton lol
  • Yourself E ????

    LOL.................I'll get my coat!
  • [cite]Posted By: DA9[/cite]I know some older than Charlton lol

    really bloody hell they need to get some Grandchildren LOL
  • The bloke I heard was millsmall, said he was 41, married with kids and had retired, but also said, "If we get West Ham or Chelsea in the cup and they want it, I'll go"

    Wrighty and Durham were stunned at some of the calls, they really couldn't grasp the fact that every club has them.

    Was very tempted to call in, but went with my better judgement.

    Oi Terry wish you will look this good at my age fella :-)
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