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A Short Stay in Switzerland

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Did anyone see this last night, based on a true story of a doctor that has a terminal illness and wants to take her own life.

Excellent drama, had me in tears (big woos!). An absolutely stunning piece of acting from Julie Walters. This lady gets better as she gets older.


  • Same for me Al. Very powerful and moving performance.
  • I just do not understand why this had to be made into a drama. Is there not enough doom and gloom about?
    I like a bit of lighthearted entertainment on the TV, thank goodness for Tucker on the ice!
  • agreed with the tucker on ice... thats the first time i've watched that programme, - me and my dad and sister were crying.

    Didnt watch the above - i would have liked to but got vetoed.
  • Sorry Chirpy dont agree with that one.

    There is so much trash (which I admit is very popular..Big Brother, Celebrity. Strictly) on tv that its good to have the occasional high quality drama even if the subject matter is gloomy.

    I think its good there is a choice with the most obvious one being the off switch.
  • That's fine. We are not supposed to agree on everything. I wish people would realise that.
  • You said we had to agree on everything !
  • [cite]Posted By: Chirpy Red[/cite]That's fine. We are not supposed to agree on everything. I wish people would realise that.

    Absolutely right.

    You think Kish is the best player you've seen at The Valley.

    Whilst I think he was excellent for us and much maligned while here I wouldn't go quite that far.

  • Excellent drama and great performance by Julie Waters. My only critism would be that Julie Waters looked very healthy with a nice tan considering she was playing someone who was terminally ill. But then again I missed the start of the programme and can't remember whether I heard of her illness.
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    A very well done drama and might have produced a little tear in my eye at one point. i did my normal and started to watch expecting to get bored and then switch over. But it held my attention- IMHO a tad over dramatic at times and not totally accurate (eg Death normally takes 10-15 mins, not seconds)

    Julie Walters was excellent, as one might expect and why not have stuff like this on, i'm definately in the IMTPM camp re the popular $hite and Off button
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