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Fact!!!!!!!!!!!! I went today Konchesky's goal was a proper strike Good game really entertaining. Sorry about the the title of this thread lol


  • you w**ker LOL
  • Shall we make this a sticky - that way we can save time later ;-)
  • Ha ha sorry mate couldn't resist. Not with all this crap about him going i just thought i'd add to it lol
  • I have been dreading that heading for about 10 months.

    You absolute **** Al !!
  • Ha ha sorry AFKA you must admit its a tiny bit funny
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hope jj didn't put you up to that Uncle.:)
  • Sadly all my own work Bexley lol
  • You git. I never realised what a wicked sense of humour you had. lol (with relief)
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  • 'Ha ha sorry mate couldn't resist. Not with all this crap about him going i just thought i'd add to it lol '

    JonJo may want to stay at Charlton but say if a bid comes in for him for 2 million I would bet my mortgage the board would take it.
  • Well he's got no power on what the board want to do with him. I'm afraid if they want t get rid of him they will. I just hope they see further than the £ notes if a bid did come in
  • He's got to stay till the end of the season at least. Cos i'm on the coach to derby
  • Sorry Unc Billy Bonds went to your rabble when he was no real age. Lee Bowyer went to Leeds for what was then a record for a teenager. If someone comes in with £2 mill JJ is on his way.
  • I didn't disagree i was saying that would be the boards choice. By the way What a player Billy was a proper legend
  • Young players like JJ should be the future of the club, and the team should be built around them. JJ could stay here for while and do us some good. In a couple of years he'll still be young, but with more experience, and he'll be worth even more. It's time the board stopped looking at the fast buck, and stopped selling all our assets, and looked to the future. Keep bringing in 30 something players is getting us nowhere.
  • he is the one asset (other than the training ground or the Valley) that people wuld actually pay good money for.

    We have to develope more home grown players watched WHU v Fulham today with Parker and Konch on the field, both our kids.
  • We need to start taking care of all our youths rotating them more into the squad.
  • You're right GH. We're back in the bad old days of selling every decent player we produce. In times like this when we have no money, its vital that we produce good young players,and KEEP them as long as possible.
  • I feel the board just see £ signs in their eyes. They would rather the money in their bank account rather than in their number 7 shirt
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  • Since Reid yes thats true. Now we have no choice. There is no one coming with a big wedge and the Board wont put in anymore money so their choice is limited.
  • Unfortunately thats probably the single biggest reason that we're where we are today.
    They NEVER EVER learn!
    And yes I WAS shouting!!
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