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This will cheer you up........

I watched this and it helped lift the current gloom for a short while, some great memories........Charlton till i die!!


  • thanks, put a big smile on my face.
    plus its nice to see some things dont change - Weaver conceeding lots!
  • Excellent Link kind of get the feeling without a sugar Daddy we will never see it again....
  • Fantastic. I was chrotling away, especially when everyone was jumping on Sasa - what memories.
    What about we have a few inventive free kicks like that one against Leeds before the season's out?
  • end ruins it!
  • lovely stuff, nicky weavers own goal and dowies face... classic. shame its all we have now.
  • Superb.
    Tears of joy.
  • how lucky we have been to have had those memories.


    would have (and did) run through brick walls for this club ------------- the lot we have now aint good enough to lick their boots.
  • Great link, makes you sort of happy and sad watching it.
  • That hit the spot... :)
  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]end ruins it!
    Only with hindsight!
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  • [cite]Posted By: Dazzler21[/cite]end ruins it!

  • Terrific stuff
  • I know whats going through Dowie's mind at the end.

    "i'll ave ya.Ya bstards"

    Didn't he just!
  • edited January 2009
    Kin quality. I think we should bring back the huge CAFC flag. Get's the blood pumping and the crowd singing before the game. A parade of former crowd pleasing players would send the pride levels right up and could rub off on the pitch. We certainly need it....

    PS Claus Jensen - pure class. That goal against Arsenal, the goal against United, the fluke against City....
  • I enjoyed the close up of Weaver against Man City as if too say look what we have signed here.
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