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Captions Please..


  • Now all I need is some mates.
  • Palarses "topboys" steam another small "firm"
  • He's saying to his mate on the other side of the table (who we can't see) "Aways told you that rigging the Fans directors vote would have it's benefits"
  • Liberty are up in arms at the harsh treatment of people on community service sentences, director Shami Chakrabarti said

    "OK, these people have committed offences, but, nobody should be made to wear a palarse shirt as part of the punishment, its inhumane"
  • "Nigelzilla invades Hackney Marshes"
  • 'Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting'
  • "Thats the only Busch i'm ever going to see"
  • [cite]Posted By: Goonerhater[/cite]Palarses "topboys" steam another small "firm"

    After the game, I will steam into the Horny train set.
  • Subuteo Sellhurst Park - The closest a Palace fan will get to the real thing!
  • "honest if i rub it hard enough all day it makes me go boss eyed but it gets this big"

    proof that all Palarse are little pricks!
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  • If i put a good performance in today i might be able to join Charlton on loan
  • Flick it, flick it, FLICK IT ....
  • brilliant picture. lol lol

    don't think the picture needs a caption it says it all.
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    "Mother it's this f-=king head band,it's taken over my senses, first it forced me to buy this shitty gaudy style free shirt made out of draylon, to say nothing of these twattish shorts oh and the little girl socks.... then its forcing me to manipulate these little men, I cant control it, help me,help me, take this thing off........" strange looking man is forcibly dragged to mental institution van by two orange heavies, mother watches on.
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    "Mum! Mum! I've found my false eye"...
  • His lobotomy made no difference to Cuthbert's friendship with those he called the 'little people'.
  • Following the sale of Selhurst Park, Palace fans are invited to try out a scale model of the new ground......
  • Nigel was stunned when he heard Paul Kemsley even owned the Palace Subbuteo table...
  • Mummy says she's going to get me the Subbuteo Sainsbury's for Christmas.
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