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Rothko - A Defence

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I'll start by saying that I consider Rothko a mate. I have sat with him at home games for a few years and have known him for several more.

He'll tell you that I am far from the rose-tinted brigade, infact I am probably an abosolute nightmare to sit alongside when you consider the opinion we have all formed of him.

I can tell you now, from chatting to him and seeing his reaction to the shite performances he cares just as much as the next bloke. Respect the bloke for not letting it take over his life. I don't agree with his positve approach, but have to respect that he wants to navigate a certain pathway through this minefield.

I have logged on to this site late at night (usually well oiled) and ranted about the manager etc. When you re-read the posts the next day I generally think - why did you write that?. I am going to make a concerted effort to stop getting wound up by this. There are other things in life. Charlton Athletic are not the be all and end all for me.

No-one should be questioning Rothko for putting himself forward for the forum. I don't know what his motives were, perhaps he feels that he can be a useful voice for the North Upper?. To say that he won't represent all opinions in the area is a nonsense. If you voice an opinion to him I am pretty sure that he'll pass on your thoughts to those in the know - If you say to him the board are all miserly C**NTs who should take their fingers out their collective arses and sack Parkinson, do you think a) that is a reasonable request? b) the board would pay any attention to him?

I'll say this to him - you don't help yourself mate by rising to the bait, take a step back when someone digs you out. You are not stupid and I'm sure you understand that emotions are running high in a number of camps at the moment. Take on board the actual messages that are being conveyed and ignore the personal crap inbetween.

As someone else has pointed out it is very easy to be taken out of context on a message board as it also very easy to get annoyed and tell someone to f**k off when you are sitting at a keyboard. I'm guessing we are pretty reasonable people on this board, lets not hammer someone who has committed his own time to doing something that will hopefully benefit all of us, make reasonable requests of him and I'm sure he'll serve you well.

Rothko - if you could get your f**cking arse down the training ground now - I want to know why Deon Burton is still here and why we aren't giving Yabo Mambo a 5 year contract.


(Retreats to a safe distance and awaits accusations and mud to start flying)


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    There are all fair points and well said Clem. But like the other thread, lets not make this about a single person or anything as it can get out of hand. There have been many discussion on the Fans Forum, SD etc and we don't want to go over old ground.

    For that reason I am going to close the discussion, let people read the points but thats it.
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