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New CAFC Fan En Route...

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Ms Polo is currently carrying a future Charlton Fan (It better be anyway), scans all went good (Two arms, legs, hands, feet, one belly, head & heartbeat).

Due late June / early July so no missing any matches which is of course the biggest bonus ;)


  • Congratulations!
  • nice one fella
  • Congrats mate. I'm starting to feel left out!
  • Congrats !

    (Just don't let Mrs.MOG see this site;
    its becoming like a nursery club.)
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    well done mate, welcome to the CAFC expectant Father club, hope to beat you - late May/early June myself.
  • Congrats mate. You know you're going to have to share your Playstation now ;-)
  • Congratulations, don't let social services know about being a Charlton fan though
  • Congratulations!!!
  • Congratulations Polo, is it likely to be a rose-tinted junior, or a doom and gloom pup ?

    That way, we can get Rothko or NSS to sort out a relevent uncle ! :-)
  • Nice one polo.
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  • Congratulations!
  • Thanks all.

    Lookout - That's not a problem, until it starts beating me that is!
    AFKA - If it's anything like me then definitely rose-tinted.
  • Well done mate
  • Congrats, hope all goes well and your heir/heiress will be watching Championship football at least!
  • NIce one Polo...Another contribution to target 40,000 on the way
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    I feel the same, being left out, all my mates getting married and having kids....!!!
    All the best with the bubba...
  • Congrats.
  • Nice one Polo hope all goes well dude
  • I could have sold you one not so long ago, it would have saved a lot of messing about: he's got his own scarf and everything! Probably a bit too big now though. Congrats.
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    Pleased to say Ms Polo gave birth to a beautiful (after being cleaned) baby girl at 7.13pm this evening after an emergency c section. The little bugger was breech. Just got home after quite possibly the longest day of my life!

    Weighed in at 6lb 7oz which is pretty good considering she was not due until the 11th July. Mother and baby both doing great, I'm knackered & off to bed soon! Absolutely ecstatic though!
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  • congratulations :-)
  • Well done Mrs P !! And you of course .

    My daughter was breech and my grand daughter too so know what a nightmare that can be ....Girls just have to be difficult - and they don't get any better as they get older !
  • Congratulations!
  • Congratulations to you and your family.
  • Congratulations to you and your family

    My I suggest a name

  • On good news day, it''s a sign! Congratulations to all of you.
  • well done too you both
  • Congratulations polo , enjoy it mate
  • [cite]Posted By: Valley McMoist[/cite]Congratulations to you and your family

    My I suggest a name


    Funny you say that, I did suggest something similar for both a boy or girl which was agreed to but she bottled it! Not impressed!
  • Congratulations to you all.

    Beautiful after being cleaned? That's nothing mate, wait until they've done a huge runny dump and it's all down their legs and up their back...! Enjoy!
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