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players insurance

what exactly does this cover?
i seem to remember we were linked with someone years ago but rumour had it that we couldn't get insurance after a medical so the deal fell through.
in short, is it a players value that is insured or is it possible that wages are insured when out injured for long periods.


  • It'll be a mix of wages (like the PHI - Permanent Health Insurance you can get to cover your wages if you're off on long term sick) & a payout if they're injured and it finishes their career.
    If you have a look at Andy Hunt's blog, the odd comment comes up about the fight he's having/had with the insurance company about his illness & whether it's classified an "injury" and to what level he is debilitated by it.

    There will also be an element of the club insuring against loss of value in an "asset" as well.
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