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ltgtr controversial post #247 - hughes reminded me of beckham

at times on saturday...great ball control and vision, covering loads of ground, back-tracking when needed, pushing forward and trying to open up the opposition defence with a telling pass...if young wasn't the captain you'd have to put him in the frame for it...


  • your on the wrong board for wind ups mate.
  • hardly a wind up...give the guy the credit he deserves...even dowie must be thinking along the same lines to be picking him for his starting eleven...
  • Ive gotta agree. Thought he did well at keeping things simple and pressing when we didnt have the ball.

    As I said last season he does go about things quietly and it some times takes him being taken off for you to realise what a contribution he makes

    "ducks and runs for cover"
  • then you need to move a bit closer than the upper west as its not showing you a true game.

    hughes is not as bad as some suggest, however, he is still a week link in the side and is a top championship player at best.
  • i sit in the north upper and am all for constructive criticism not booing, but the crap i have to listen to regarding hughes is beyond the mark, (i nearly moved to another part of the ground because of that sole reason). oh how it was quiet when he prevented that one-on-one in 1st half.
    if darren bent goes on a barren spell of say 10-15 games , (it happens to all strikers), we need midfielders to contribute and the facts are that hughes has the best goals/game ratio of everyone. he gets 1 in every 5 starts. the only one close is ambrose 1 in 6. romm is 1 in 7, holland 1 in 10ish, thomas 1 in 11, kish 1 in 80ish. andy reid scored 1 goal in 27 apps for spurs (not sure how many were subs apps) and amady faye is yet to score in english football.
  • fair argument mate, i'm also not as jaundiced as most and would much rather derogatory abuse about a player be kept to the net and pubs rather than in the stands. Its only going to have one effect on a player, and its not positive. Our support seems to have Kish, Holland, Euell and Hughes on a rota basis to give a caning to.

    I still don't think he is good enough for a team that is aspiring to be a mid-table premiership side. He ticks most boxes adequately, yet excels in none IMO. Won't be booing him though.

    And i can't help but think that saving tackle he did was more Stelios running into him. I'll give it that he got himself back there.
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