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We want Gunners startlet Loan

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but i wonder who's place is he gonna take

what loan signing that we have now is going 2 leave if its true


  • Primus goes immediately after the Derby game I believe.
  • would anyone want jay simpson tho
  • cant see why anyone would wanna come to us.
  • He did well at millwall
  • Jay emmmanuel Thomas who we should get from the gunners..
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    He is certainly a better bet than the shower we have at the moment.

    Wouldn't pin too much hope on a story on this website though....

    As for who he replaces?. Primus will go, Waghorn clearly isn't going to be here any longer than the month and if McEvely has a bad injury then he'll be gone as well.

    Interested to read that Varney can play against us......
  • yes yes yes but as i said before no.
  • He's in the team for champs league tonight.
  • I cannot believe anyone who would question the loan signing of Jay Simpson, lets face it he is twice the striker compared to any of our lot, although i must say Burton has been better than i had expected, but that wasn't much to start with, anyway monday's a new week who knows what it might bring, perhaps a home victory, or is that me just daydreaming again?
  • Not too sure that any Premier League clubs are really going to want to loan us any of their bright young things after Sinclair last season and now Waghorn - although Song did OK while he was here, we don't exactly have a history of getting the best out of this type of player...
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