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Carl Froch

I was pottering about on Saturday evening and switched the radio on just before the boxing started.

First up was the latest episode of the Amir Kahn roadshow. The guy lost his last fight due to being too gung ho and it was widely accepted he needed to start again and add more to his game. So they put him up against an opponent who took 1.5 rounds to beat.

Then Carl Froch fought a Canadian for the title left vacant by Calzaghe. Totally absorbing, quality boxing. Two fighters who fought the right way, who went toe-to-toe and traded quality punches, a real rollercoaster, both had highs and lows until round 7 (when I found it was on the telly) when Froch just consolidated and showed what a brilliant, intelligent boxer he is and simply moved around and made sure he won every round, and his punch avoidance was immense.

The Froch fight was talked about as being possibly the best fight this country has seen, so guess which one they're all talking about on Sunday morning. Froch was barely mentioned - fecking laughable.


  • Froch is an unsung boxing name who is rising through the ranks. Unfortunately he doesn't have Frank Warren as promoter.

    Froch was immense saturday he took some right handers but boy has he got a chin on him he battered the other fella at times, who also had a good chin on him.

    Khan was back to his best

    As for Audley harrison he was a f******* embarrassment to boxing losing to some fat cab driving prize fighter from Belfast.
  • Best fight I've seen in years

    Froch is very skillfull but takes too many shots.
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    Agree on Froch, watched him before and he deserves his title and any accolades that come his way. Proper boxer.

    I don't watch or listen to much boxing at all as so much is over-hyped and rarely delivers, but I was well chuffed to have caught that the other night

    Khan may be back to his best but is that honestly any preparation for going up against the world's best? All our media are interested in are Olympians-turned pro and pantomime dames.
  • Froch was a brilliant fight, but the next Calzaghe i don't think so.

    He is excellent to watch, but he simply takes to many big hits to be sustainable at top level. Its an all action style, but to be the best you also need to have a great defence, and he hasn't got that IMO.
  • If Froch fought like that against Calzaghe - he'd either knock him out or get his head knocked off for 12 rounds - not sure what weight they'd fight at - at Super Middleweight my money would be on Froch - any other weight, it's on our Joe ...
  • Apparently Calzaghe has stated he'll never fight again at his old weight so it would have to be super middle.
  • Calzaghe's old weight IS Super MIddleweight ...... ;-)
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