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Norwich 2 up v Ipswich

Not our weekend is it : - (


  • And Hibs are winning : - (

    At least Bromley won 1-0 at Fisher.
  • do we have to cheer palace tomorrow;-)
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    [cite]Posted By: oohaahmortimer[/cite]do we have to cheer palace tomorrow;-)

    As we are already confirmed as relegated as of yesterday there is no point. : - )

    Personally I would sell our league position now for a few £m. Leeds or even a league two side might fancy swapping places.

    We'd pick up the other teams fixtures which would at least give some variety and some new grounds to visit plus the little extra cash might stop administration becoming liquidation.

    You know it makes sense!
  • Now know in that part of the world as 'The Old Farm' derby.
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