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De La Hoya - Pacquiao

Anyone else watching this? Golden Boy getting his arse served to him on a plate...


  • He got a fair old bashing there didn't he

    Audley Harrison is a mug, Khan will now go back to fighting journeyman like Fagan for a few more fights as they are dinner to him. Froch well deserved his win, Maccarenelli's fight was a complete mis-match even at heavyweight, whoever paid £15 for Pacquiao De La Hoya was mugged.

    I am totally shagged out now though
  • now I think if sky charged £10 for these fights they'd get many more viewers but the promise of Amir and Enzo knocking out two mismatched bums . Ordinary Harrison losing to a minicab driver and having to sit up until ridiculous o clock to see one decent fight doesn't make me want to shell out 15 quid this close to christmas especially when they're bound to show the fights on sports 1 for free later this week.
  • The Froch fight was superb, how there wasnt a knockdown is beyond me.

    Concrete chins the pair of them.

    See Audley still hsnt given up his dream, mug.
  • To be honest what they now seem to think qualifies as a pay per view event is a joke. The main fight has to be a real cracker and has got to have a proper undercard not all the shite thats put on display with mis-matches and what have you.

    I hope Froch doesn't go down the pay per view route now he has (rightly) becime a world champ
  • Big congratulations to Carl Froch. what a cracking fight that was. was on the edge of my seat throughout.

    was shocked at the under card for the De La Hoya fight. will think twice about paying for box office fight again
  • Agree with Carter - Sky have got totally carried away with the whole Box Office thing, especially on top of the normal monthly subscriptions.

    It started for me with Hatton's 'comeback' fight after Mayweather, and now it seems that every decent title fight they have is going to be on there as well.

    The Froch fight was excellent. Hopefully he's either already tied into a contract with ITV, or will see that if he wants to become a recognised name in the country like Calzaghe then he needs (at least initially) to be on a terrestrial channel.
  • De la hoya should have hung his gloves up a few years ago and gone out with a bit of dignity instead of chasing lolly that he doesn't need.

    Laugh of the night.Olympic gold medalist Audley Harrison beaten by a Belfast taxi driver.just pi55ed myself when i heard it.
  • can you see Ricky beating the pac man

    feckin great fight in prospect but one i fear the hitman may not be able to win Pac man did a proper number on old Oscar
  • watched the (free) repaeat on sky sports HD last night , de la hoya got well and truly owned . Pac man was skipping around like a duracel bunny.

    Would think it would be different for Hatton as he is a natural light welter and he will try to bully Pac as well but he'd be very hard pushed to beat him.

    Really can't wait for this and hope it's at wembley so I can go
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