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saturday's programme

edited August 2006 in General Charlton
after tons of texts telling me I was in it, and was a spot the difference, I couldn't get one!
anyone got an email contact at the club that can get me a copy?



  • Give the superstore a call - they usually sell them in there.

    Did anyone else notice the girls going round selling programmes from a bag (a la Boro)?
  • i didn't :-(
  • Suzi - they'll be in the club shop. Didn't buy the programme for the first time in ages, too much of a tightwad to keep forking out £3 for it this season. I did see the pic, though - Rothko's t-shirt is among the "differences".
  • so's my vest! he's just sent me a scanned version of it. will have a butchers in the club shop next time i'm there. although i don't think it'll be for a while. not till arsenal at home!! sheeeet just realised that :-(
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