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24 'Redemption'

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Anyone else see 24 last night? It used to be one of my guilty pleasures but last nights show was awful, felt like a cheap american weekday afternoon TV movie. Only thing that made me laugh was the way they portrayed the UN chappy. Jack really needs to get back to what he does best and rid the world of the muslim menace.


  • As a plot device to set-up the next series, it worked.
    As a stand-alone piece of drama, it was pretty crap.
  • Thought it was very watchable myself, especially little kids holding machine guns training to be in the army pretty mad stuff. Think the First Female President is gonna be sh*te though, they should have asked Sarah Palin to play it :-)
  • kill the cocker roach
  • [cite]Posted By: ThreadKiller[/cite]kill the cocker roach
    The 1st team managed that on Saturday... ;o)
  • If you've seen the trailor for day 7 (which was out ageeeeeees ago) then it worked very very well...Especially with the political side of things & why he didn't want to go back, etc.

    If you haven't seen it, then I dont advise watching it...It ruins one twist in the new season straight away! Unless its changed now of course.
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