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Pardew to get £1.6m? From the Sun

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ALAN PARDEW will get £1million from Charlton — before he has hardly had time to open his advent calendar.

Pards, axed as boss on Saturday after the 5-2 home defeat by Sheffield United, is set for a total pay-off of £1.6m.

But under the terms of his contract, £1m must be paid within 12 DAYS — and that means Thursday, December 4.

The former West Ham chief had the clause written into his deal when he signed a 3½-year contract as Les Reed’s replacement on Christmas Eve 2006.

The huge immediate windfall is believed to be one of the reasons the cash-strapped Championship club kept faith with Pards for so long.

Meanwhile, ex-Valley boss Alan Curbishley denied he is set for a return.

Curbs, who left West Ham in September, said: “If I did look to come back to management it would be in the Premier League.

"I’m sure I’ll be linked with the job but we’ll have to see.”

Sorry but why the hell does £1m have to be paid before December 4th?


  • Because, if you believe the story, he had it in his original deal that he would be paid 1 million within 12 days of any termination.

    This is all about context, when we brought him in way back in December 2006 he was the blue-eyed boy who could save us from the ravages of what Dowie/Reed had done to us - so we were willing to put these kinds of clauses in because we felt we had to get him.

    Bearing in mind he had come to us after a painful sacking at Wet Spam then there is every reason to believe he would have wanted a nice compensation deal if it all went tits up - that would have been his reward for joining a bottom of the table team.

    I think he was also on for a 1 million bonus if he had kept us up so I think that's called a win-win from Mr. Pardew's POV.
  • 1.6 m for abject failure. Not bad eh
  • No, I bet he's really worried about getting another job now....
  • It's the Sunsational Sun..

    take with huge pinch of salt-

    I hope..
  • Lets hope so. Id be disgusted with myself if i took 1.6 million off a cash strapped club for not performing as expected.
  • Don't know the facts on this myself, but a bit random to have just been made up though....
  • well everyone has been banging on about how we could not afford to sack him so must be some truth in it
  • My guess is that his agent has probably leaked selected details of his contract to a journalist buddy in order to increase the pressure on the club to write the cheque ASAP, that's how these things usually work.

    Pards knows that he ain't getting a job elsewhere unless he enters a rehab period so the bad PR is a small price in the short term to pay for getting his wedge in time for the Xmas sales.
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    AFKA and Ormiston are close to the mark, I suspect. The detail of a clause in the contract is too specific to have been made-up (believe me, journalists aren't clever enough to fabricate something like that out of nothing). It's been leaked by someone in the pay of Pardew in order to exert pressure...

    I suspect the figures are vastly inflated and trust he's going to end up with far less. But it suggests that despite Sat night's 'mutual consent' wording, there is a lot of negotation still in play over his pay-off.
  • There is obviously some kind of big pay-off, that much is crystal clear.

    Otherwise he would have gone a few weeks ago.
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  • Perhaps, to balance out, there was also a clause that worked in the club's favour.

    Remember at the time of his appointment, Pardew had just been terminated at West Ham but was still considered to be one of the best up and coming Britrish PL managers - and obviously had high hopes of 'moving up a level' once the salvage job had been done at Charlton and escaped relegation.

    So the club were preparing for the day their soon to be successful manager was to be poached by an Everton or Newcastle type outfit - and to be compensated.

    So you have to look back at the expectations of that time. None of us had any idea we'd be bottom 3 of the Championship less than 2 years later - especially with the highly regarded Pardew in charge.

    If 7 days is a long time in politics, then 23 months is an eternity in football.
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]Lets hope so. Id be disgusted with myself if i took 1.6 million off a cash strapped club for not performing as expected.

    I'm sure you'd soon get over it as you sat on a beach with your family in some far away country.
  • if this clause is there then the bigger down side will be that there will be interest payments on any monies not received inside by the deadline - bank rate plus 1%
  • The Curbs quote is interesting...
    ..."we'll have to see."

  • [cite]Posted By: Valley11[/cite]The Curbs quote is interesting...
    ..."we'll have to see."

    That sounds like a "praps" to me ;-p
  • He's said that now twice on the spin .........
  • Spin, Oggy? Thought we showed that the door on Sat night !
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    Just another classic Curbs-ism, Nigel

  • I'd be happy with a few naught-naughts to be honest.
  • somebody in The Championship is going to avoid being relegated why not us?:-)
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  • [cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]somebody in The Championship is going to avoid being relegated why not us?:-)

  • [cite]Posted By: Henry Irving[/cite]
    [cite]Posted By: LenGlover[/cite]somebody in The Championship is going to avoid being relegated why not us?:-)


    And me, literally laughed out loud!
  • Sometimes I read things too quickly and carelessly:

    " Pardew to get £1.6m from the Sun"

    Thinks to myself, that's handy. Save the club paying him off.


    PS: Or should that really read, "Pardew to get £1.6m to sit in the sun" ......?
  • $uper A£an Pard€w indeed
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