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What the feck is goin on.Went to Lakeside yesterday and the shop was closed,missus said Bexleyheath has closed and today the big superstore on sevenoaks way in orpington closed.The was a big articulated lorry loading up everything,there was a note on door saying this store ceased trading at 3.00 pm today.Re-opening t.b.c.

Feckin hell it's scary out there right now.


  • For a moment I thought the curse of the Charlton sponsorship had struck again, but that's JD Sports, isn't it?
  • It's been rumoured for some time that they were going tits up. England not being in the Euro's plus the credit crunch. haven't heard that they have gone officially. Maybe they are retreating into a core of a few stores?
  • Hardly a massive loss.

    If you want chav-make clothes there's still JD and Sports Direct.
  • Apparently they're closing 72 out of 400 stores. If you can get to one of stores closing down before it actually does close up they have 70% of everything apparently. If a store that going to close down hasn't yet then you've probably got to the end of the month to pick up a bargain.
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