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Attendance on saturday

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3,000 down on the 2004-05 average, despite competitive pricing and a Saturday 3pm KO. This follows the Man U game also not selling out for the first time.

I personally don't believe the 'its the holiday season' excuse, i think we're losing some of the non-committed support. Whether that is a good thing or not is a different argument,

but is our support on the wane ?

And does anyone know if Saturday was the lowest league crowd since when ? Was it Wigan last year ?


  • It was low but i dont think it is worrying and/or surprising.

    We had a terrible time at the end of last season in terms of results and entertainment. If and when this turns around then the crowds will increase.
  • Low crowd but good atmosphere - must tell us something. It also tends to work like that away from home (except Boro).
  • The atmosphere was helped by the controversey of the sending offs and the penalty save though, not the way we were playing don't you agree?

    If we had just won 2-0 the atmosphere would have been as nowhere as good.

    Good to hear it though, just shows what a bit of passion from the players does for the crowd eh?

    Best ovation for a substitute i have heard in a while as well for Reid.

    And deserved.
  • lets hope the upturn in atmosphere is just the start of things to come. Not only does it make the day more enjoyable, it must have a positive effect on the players.
  • The holiday is a factor as shown at other clubs, as is the Jimmy Seed stand being only half full and the club not being able to fill the remainder.

    However there does seem to have been a down turn. Lots of people have mentioned the poor entertainment and games moving for Sky as reasons to drop their ST. Lets give it a few months and see how crowds are then. Last season the papers were all doom and gloom and saying that crowds were going to be down. They were - by 14 people per match.

    Personally I think the prem is going to be more competative at both ends this year and for the UEFA cup places and that we have an impact on crowds.
  • One of the problems i think that could be addressed by the club is the difficulty is obtaining tickets for general sale next to each other.

    I know quite a few people who wish to go to games but the fact that they can only buy single tickets puts them off (understandably as you want to sit with your friends and family).

    Why doesnt the club at the start of the season reserve a block (i.e. don't allow any season ticket sales) and this particular block can be reserved solely for general sale?

    This way, people can sit together while still allowing the choice of stands if people are not worried about sitting on their own?

  • that's not a bad idea. Hold one block of the Upper West or NW quadrant back at the start of the season for general sale only.
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    [cite] Lots of people have mentioned the poor entertainment

    Really hope the club don't interpret this as including the overall package of entertainment. The 'efforts' to improve the matchday experience are cringeable to me.

    Someone needs to take a contract out on that announcer. Its just too much, particularly the announcing of the teams for the 2nd half. The introduction of Floyd and Harvey has me covering my eyes. Pussycat, Pussycat I Love You has no place in a football ground.

    I understand that stuff is for the kids. But does it need to be given such prominence, and if the answer is yes, then move it forward 20 mins. ()% of those with kids are in their seats at 2.30. it doesn't need to be done 5 mins before KO.

    And another thing, with the music blaring out until the second the game kicks off, sometimes after, it dilutes any pre-kick off atmosphere that has been built up.
  • Frankie Valley had a piece about this very point yesterday, with lots of feedback.

    Time for a Bring Back Brian Cole campaign?
  • I meant on the pitch. The pre-match stuff is another thing.
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  • Isn't one of the quadrants on general sale only anyway?

    I think the near-empty Jimmy Seed accounted for a lot of it - Bolton only took 750, and with the schools off it's harder for the club to get a load of kids in to outsing them.
  • [cite]Posted By: InspectorSands[/cite]Isn't one of the quadrants on general sale only anyway?

    That's what I thought.... North West quadrant isn't it? Something to do with Premier League rules.....
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