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Sheffield Utd

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tickets sold : 850.

Is this good or bad ?


  • Reasonable - Also I see that you can buy them on the day, which is nice.
  • Bad that it isn't more, but good that it's likely to be 850 real fans going.
  • If we were mid table and safe that would be a good turnout but in our position its not great.

    However, I cant fault anyone from giving this a swerve going on our away form and coming up to Christmas etc etc.

    I honestly think if we get turned over on Saturday that will be curtains for us already, any belief the players would have would be gone and we'd be 7/8 points from safety with little over half a season left :(

    One thing i would say is that if we have 900-1000 up there with a few hundred empty seats at least there might be a bit of noise.
  • why they aint on sale till friday at the club heavens nos.
  • got mine. see you all there.
  • Beware Cause The Stewards Are All Sheff u Fans,Don't Think Twice About Throwing People Out. Known For It.
  • Me and 7 others are getting the train up there. Should be a good day out, ground not too far from the station and town centre as well.
  • done well to seel 850 in my opinion.....I reckon a 7 seater taxi will be enough for all those going to Boro !
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