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I'm with Brooking

If you're an England fan too, you've got to agree with Sir Trev? The FA are allowing Prem clubs to use their already fat purses to bring on foreign players. Hands up if you thought it was about more than money...


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    Seems that Brooking's upsetting a few at the top.

    BBC link

    I have to say that I agree with Brooking but what worries me is that if he feels the powers to be, including some at the FA are not embracing what is needed, why the hell doesn't he just resign? I heard him bang on about all this a few months ago. It seems to me that the problem is no overall direction within the FA and he doesn't seem able to break through that.

    In my book, if you keep sending out signals and no ones listening, then either you have to find a different way to communicate or give up and move on.
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