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New Article: Pardew talks a good game, but can we play one ?

My thoughts following his NW Kent appearance last night


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  • the answer to your question AFKA is no
  • Full credit to him for turning up at such an awkward time. However, as stated, no-one really doubts his ability to impress in person. It would be marvellous to think we've bottomed out, and a stirring spech, coupled with a few resolute performances would see us safely back to mid-table, but I'm afraid I just can't see it. We shouldn't have needed to sink this low before addressing the severity of the situation; it's been coming for ages and to date, despite all his good intentions, AP has been completely incapable of stopping it. Other than team selection, what's changed?
  • Basic rule in this case: Actions speak louder than words

    I fear things won't be any different. We've heard this from him before about tweaking the side to make us stronger etc. Still went and put out a rubbish performance the week after. Our away form is nothing short of disgraceful and I honestly don't believe anything will change tomorrow.
  • I think after this yes we can!
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