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Andersen off to Brondby

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  • Shame, really liked him, not given a fair crack of the whip by Curbs or Dowie IMO.
  • Yeah me too think he is much better than mhyre and that thomas although had a good run last term looked very uncertain towards the end. Myhre playing up to the crowd certainly helps him. Still some good things to remember Anderson for 1 for me was the save against Man Utd a season ago when he low down to his left and turned over the bar think the bloke hit it full whack from about ten yards
  • Wasn't he in goal for the Chelsea "draw" in the league cup last season?
  • ha ha yes he was... and i was in the front row behind him... he was never the same after that game....

    * gurns *
  • great shot stopper, unsure about the rest of his game to be honest. shame the leeds deal fell through as i thought he needed a loan spell somewhere. If playing regularly, he had real potential, but not quite there to chuck him into our current situation, to be honest.
  • I didn't feel he was a great shot stopper - at the start of last season he was letting in goals yet not making any saves eg. Spurs. Good distribution though!
  • [cite]Posted By: 04 MCS[/cite]MRS MCS WILL HAVE KITTENS AT THIS NEWS! (shitcaps!)

    Has she been doing dodgy things with the moggy next door?! ;o)
  • behave fblocker! ;-)
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