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How about setting up some functionality that means we can send private messages to more than one member of the forum or to all, so only members can read them. Should encourage lurkers to sign up as well?


  • i see your point but personally i would be against.

    Main reason being that it would mean things would get increasingly cliquey. I like the fact the ability to use private messaging exists, and i know its used extensively. But i also like the general openness of everything as well. If you sent your message to 2-10 people say, the board would simply dry up,

    Just my view mind.

    As for lurkers, have no problem with them whatsoever. Of course i would love them to sign up, the more members you have the more weight can be given to site in general, but at the end of the day its their perogative on why they don't sign up. I think there may be a feeling that if you register you feel olbliged to join in all the conversations, but that's not necessarily the case.
  • Furry muff, just a thought like.

    Why oh why do you have to go & lower the tone Stone ;)
  • of course, some people reply to whispers without putting in the name of the person they are whispering back to..... :-)
  • Can't do whispers to more than one person, it requires really complicated database queries and would put such a load on things that the whole thing would grind to a halt.

    Can have categories restricted to certain groups that have the required roles and permissions, which I think would address your idea. For instance, could have Members Only category which can only be seen and written to by Members and Admin. But not sure what purpose that would serve. Don't want to complicate things too much and don't want a two-tiered forum, but will certainly give something a try if it sounds a good idea. What ideas did you have?
  • LOL I only called him a perv !
  • I'm about 5 minutes behind everyone in replying today!!! I've become redundant ;-)
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