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Euell Leaving? Watford? £1 million

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Euell Leaving? Watford? £1 million?

If there's a bit of a clear out, then Euell is likely, I'm sure. I'd also guess that Marcus could be on his way and Stephan could be out on loan.


  • We'd be lucky to get that...if Holland and Hughes are ahead of him that is an indication of how low in Dowie's esimation he is. A shame but he's better off elsewhere and resurrecting his career.
  • Just simply take whatever is on offer.

    This deal should of been a priority 12 months ago IMO.
  • To be fair they did try and ship him out to Brimingham in the January transfer window. If he's not going to play get him off the wage bill, plus it seems that one or more south American midfielders are on their way, so if he stays he'll be even further down the pecking order.
  • He's certainly not part of ID's plans- Even Kevin Lislie is ahead!
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