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West Ham & the Olympic Stadium

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I haven't really looked into this and I know it is pure speculation, but I would not be particularly pleased if West Ham wind up there after my council tax was increased to pay for it. Perhaps they can pay market value for it and I get a rebate! Some chance... Any thoughts on this?


  • haven't really considered the point about everyone paying for the stadium, and west ham maybe winding up with it at a discount. Its a good point.
  • They'll play with running track and pay a rent like City do, or pay £100m to have a system where the seats can be rolled back and forward
  • Do Man City not own their ground? I didn't realise. So what percentage of the money earned from this rent will go back to us council tax payers?
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    City rent the City of Manchester from Manchester City council, they paid for the convertion to a football ground and pay 50% of revenue on anything about 35,000 in the ground.

    What Manchester council do, is spend that money on Sports development and facilities in Manchester, think it's about £3m a year
  • If West Ham get the ground they will have to pay for it (circa £80m).
    They won't get it for free like Man City did.
  • City paid £35m for the conversion
  • Oh and they gave the Maine Road site to the council as part of a regeneration plan for Moss Side
  • Thanks for the info, Rothko.
  • Take that as a no to getting your money back.

    If west ham pay rent the f###### will get double the money - so rebates all round please?
  • Well if you double what City give to Manchester council, you can either have £1 off your council tax, or £7m pumped into sport and facilities in London every year.

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  • wonder if those extra sporting facilities could include a few extra seats for the community schemes at the valley sponsored by the council. this may help those kids/ people on low income to get into football.
  • Not an unreasonable idea, would they pay £100 million before the Olympics to have moveable seats installed? The idea of the rent being used to continue to develop sport in London actually give the games and stadia some legacy as well as being able to hold Athletics world championship/Europeans/Commonwealth games again(in Uk) over next 20 - 25 years. As long as the Spammers see no money for the athletics events.
  • Make em pay for the retractable seating and pay rent, and London as a whole is a winner.

    The Stadium will seat 50,000 for both sports, and the legacy problem (and the business plan) is sorted
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