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Brian Cole Famous

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I meant to tell you Brian that a question about you came up on the quiz machine in the Oak last week, on the deal or no deal game.

"Which Club sacked its matchday announcer after announcing Crystal Palace incorrectly?" Or words similar to that.


  • The 2nd worst decision the club has ever made after the appointment of Les Reed.
    I have never felt so ashamed to be a Charlton fan after that incident and am sad that we as fans did not make more of it.
    I wrote to Richard Murray to vent my anger.
  • that worked then Chirps!
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    Well maybe if others had, it would have. I did my bit.
  • i couldn't mate

    the way he used to say Rado's name used to go right through me!

  • Curb-it ,
    what was the answer ?
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    Bolton Wanderers
  • Infamy more like Curb_it lol. 4 years ago since I got the heavo.

    Oh and KB's - at least I said Kish's name with a South London accent and not a northern accent god forbid eh! :-)

    Still at least we can afford PA Pete's FEE per game if the takeover goes through.
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