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What's this I've heard about Tony Adams being linked with us!?!?

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More rubbish by the press? Please tell me it is!


  • and dennis wise
  • There was a tiny one paragraph thing in the London Shite, you know, one of those free pieces of filth (like the Metro but even shitter) that you see laying around on the tube. Anyway, it was in their round up of news from London clubs and according to the shite, Tony Adams is being lined up to manage us.

    Where this story came from was not clear.
  • Don`t believe a word of it. Charlton don`t do their business that way.
  • I saw him there the other week but assumed he was watching crainie and optimus primus
  • this was also in a sunday paper last week i think it was the people
  • Sunday Peephole ......sensationalist 'any old bollox' content just to fill pages.
  • edited October 2008
    Agreed. Complete shite.
  • But how do you know its sh*te?...
  • More likely we will get Adam Chance from Crossroads. :-)
  • [cite]Posted By: Fishnets[/cite]But how do you know its sh*te?...

    It's the silly season for rumours. We are in a takeover situation, everybody in the know, involved in that process is locked down by serious confidentiality agreements, yet apparently Her Majestys Gutter Press know who is being lined up as manager (and Director of Football, and Chief Exec). If you are one of a few people in the know and bound by confidentiality, the last thing you would do is let on any of the secrets of the deal because the finger would point at you and your credibility would shot to pieces, and also you'll be in big trouble. I've been involved in these sorts of things and believe me, people take these things very seriously.

    It's all guesswork amounting to total ballcocks.
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  • .......sensationalist 'any old bollox' content just to fill pages.
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