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Articles in the Blog

Three months in, and after a bit of feedback really.

We've published around 65 articles since the start. The original plan was to try and provide as much variety as possible, giving a platform to a host of different writers. Hasn't really gone to plan in that respect, Kigelia has chipped in with some excellent stuff, whilst we are pleased to give Ben's articles another platform.

We didn't originally want the articles to be 'current comment' or match reports, as we felt that was well covered else where. We wanted to be slightly more irrelevent, looking at things from a different angle with subjects varying greatly. I try and vary it between serious and light-hearted as much as possible, but given recent events, most of the stuff has been more comment-based.

The articles are generally read by between 500 - 1400 fans, and growing all the time.

So two points really:

1. are the articles covering what you want to be reading subject wise ? Are there things we're not covering you would be interested in reading ? Do you enjoy the articles or are they not really for you ?

2. The whole point originally was to provide a platform. I've done a lot more than i intended to, and whilst i enjoy it, i'm struggling big time to find the spare time to write more than two a week. Ideally we aim to have a different article up every day, but i'm just not able to produce that.
It is a community site where we want everyone to play a part, if there is anyone that is interested in doing any writing, or simply have any ideas for articles, please send me a whisper. Could be a one-off, could be a story related to a game in the past, a highlight on a former player from years ago, comedy, anything you like. It would be good to have others involved, and i'm always willing to help with ideas / advice etc.



  • Well gawd knows who's reading them then !!!!
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    i dunno if you should do 1 a day, maybe 3/4 a week though. i liked the international slant, and perhaps try to extend the search to the international fan clubs to write about their experience?

    edited to say: the reason why i don't think you shoudl do 1 a day, because it would take away the value of the blog/articles section. every day opinion is what the forum is for, i think.

    or others that are not from charlton or the surrounding area about their match day experiences and who they bump into?

    you could always pluck a loyal supporter who goes to an away game, a different person every week, to talk about their experience, with little match detail, but more about the atmosphere build up, on the journey, the pub and the weekend in the city they visited for the game, and then their journey home and thoughts?
  • I think one or two a week is good - as Suzi says if it is daily it maybe loses its value.

    How about trying to get an update from Sailor Browneye - he was always a contentious and/or amusing read!!
  • Sailor Browneye was consistantly funny and would be great.

    It's hard to keep producing articles and it would be better if there were more writers but I think the nature of the internet means that it encourages short, instant responses.

    The away trip idea can work but in fanzines they often turned into very tedious lists of train times, mates you don't know getting drunk and not very much wit or insight.

    One thing that might be worth trying is something you have sort of done already eg picking a topic and getting two people to argue opposite sides.
  • I think 2 or so a week with Henry's reprinted as I would not see them otherwise is fine. Agree that if you are talking about away day experiences that could become tooooo cliquey.

    The funny stuff is for when things are ticking over or the summer months, with what we are going through comment is to be expected.

    We get comment every day from Franky and other sources you don't need to replicate that here. At the end of the day I understand this started life as a paper based fanzine. It is so much better than that and thanks to the lack of drivel and Scottish football fans a more fun experience then NA.
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