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Cardiff - Pay on the day?

edited October 2008 in Match Day Travel
Does anyone know if there is pay on the day at Cardiff? Thanks.


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    Bloody hope so cos i'm getting ready to go with two others who are paying on the day...
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    Good - at least we will have someone to talk to outside :-) The email bulletin usually says whether or not you can pay on the day once the tickets get sent back but nothing this time.

    I'll give Cardiff a call at 9 and let you know.
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    Cheers Brian,

    leaving at 10 so that would be fantastic!
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    For Stanmore and anyone else travelling without a ticket - Just spoke to the guys at Cardiff and they said;

    "I'm not gonna lie to you , you CAN pay on the day at the away Turnstiles." Tidy.

    See you there.

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    Cheers Brian.

    See you there!

    Carm on you Reds!
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