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Varney to Arsenal?

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Peter, not Luke...

Small piece in the Mirror today suggests that he is a 'surprise target' to be their new chief executive.


  • interesting...
  • lol u bugger

    Not surprised considering the great job he did here I would have thought he wouldn't be short of offers. Be interesting if he took it considering he said he wanted to spen time with family etc. Arsenal "for now" is obviously a bigger job - longer commute -- so more time spen at work again - BUT wouldn't blame him if he did
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    Would be more surprised if Arsenal weren't putting him on a shortlist but not sure if PV would be interested for the reasons given.

    Would love to see him running the FA. Ideal for a job like that and at least our red card appeals would get a fair hearing
  • tell you what Henry the FA job is a great shout. Barwick going in December ideal man for the job
  • [cite]Posted By: Ledge[/cite]tell you what Henry the FA job is a great shout. Barwick going in December ideal man for the job

    Didn't know that. That wsn't any inside info BTW.

    Great if he was to get it as we can get him down to Bromley Addicks easily and get some free England Umbrella's to raffle.
  • Seriously (for once);
    The FA could do alot worse than having PV up at Soho Square (or have they moved to Wembley yet?).
  • the FA job is available, and I suspect he'll be on the short list for that.
  • Arsenal have got out old kits they might as well have our old chief exec.
    They'll probably buy Darren Bent in January.
  • [cite]Posted By: Salad[/cite]They'll probably buy Darren Bent in January.

    Not if we do first!
  • He is allowed to work from the 1st of Jan, and his next job will be in football.
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  • Saw this in the London Paper or was the London Lite last night
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