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Ketters gotta Date for Sunday...

Well as I know everyone is really interested in this sort of stuff, had a phone call this week from a girl i used to work with asking if I'd like to go out to the cinema. This was the one that I got drunk with during the world cup ended up going back to hers after the sweden game & falling asleep in her bed. Thing is she is witty, intelligent, very pretty, has a very good job, have no idea why she wants to go out with me, probably wants me to pay. Thing is what is the best film to go & see this sunday ?


  • Bond!

    Then use you the Uni Bond joke... Always a winner!

    You have checked whether her ex-boyf is still hanging around haven't you?
  • This one is defo single & has been for some time. No stalkers, No drink problem, that I am aware of, Have I missed anything ?
  • Whatever happened to the other one that you met a few weeks back who was always pissed and kept disappearing more times than Debbie Magee?
  • Legs, arms, own teeth?
  • She is still around, she still says hello, all the alarm bells everyone else was giving me until I saw them for myself finally hit home by the end of the 2nd date.
  • ketman the male equivalent of Vicx on CAFC babes.
  • Shemale? Or do you already know this is not the case?

    I would say SAW III she will be scared and more inclined to get close to you ;-)
  • Dan she is proper nice, I tell thee. Think she may be a bit of a loner, other than that she is top drawer.
  • Films, yes that was it :-

    Scary one like Saw III or funny like Borat, or even something a little boring so you don't have to watch it at all ?
  • Right - I'm definitely of the "go for it" opinion and highly recommend Bond.
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  • SAW III all the way. It worked for me!!
  • Nice one ketman, hope this one goes well. Good luck to you man, you deserve it dood
  • [cite]Posted By: Ketman[/cite]Dan she is proper nice, I tell thee. Think she may be a bit of a lover

    Wahay ! get in there !!
  • How did you do that ?
  • If you're after inspiration, then fate may be in play here Kets, let Charlton Life be your guide.

    Whilst looking at the stats yesterday, someone ended up at this site after putting 'shaving private ryan' in their goggle search.

    I kid yee not.
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    the other one was much more entertaining, how did you end it?
  • Oh Goody, I enjoy these. Bond is too obvious, Saw III makes you look like a lightweight in the brains dept, Borat is a comedy so good for a first date but only if she likes that sort of thing. Go to a multiplex and get her to choose.

    But remember the words of Percy Sledge. Hope it works out better than it did for Percy.

    I found a woman
    I felt I truely loved
    She was everything
    I'd ever been dreaming of

    But she was bad, I didn't know it
    Her pretty smile never did show it
    All I knew is what I could see
    And I knew I wanted her for me

    I took her home to mama
    Mama wanted to see my future bride
    Well she looked at us both
    Then she called me to her side

    She said, son, take time to know her
    It's not an overnight thing
    Take time to know her
    Please don't rush into this thing

    But I didn't listen to mama
    I went straight to the church
    I just couldn't wait to have a little girl of mine
    When I got off from work
    The preacher was there
    So was my future bride
    He looked at us both and then he called me to his side

    Take time to know her
    Its not an overnight fling
    You better take time to know her
    Please Please don't rush into this thing

    When it look like every thing was gonna turn out all right
    And then I came home a little early one night
    And there she was kissin on another man
    Now I know what mama meant when she took me by the hand
    And said son, take time to know her
    Its not an overnight fling
    Take time to know her
    Please don't rush into this thing
    Take time to know her
    Its not an overnight fling
    Take time to know her
  • Well after weighing up all the options :-

    (i) Three Kids
    (ii) Borderline alcoholic who never buys a round
    (iii) Being left high & dry on first date
    (iv) Her thinking that we were pretty serious cos we went out twice

    I decided that she needed to be told that it was nothing serious, she dis-agreed so we left it at that (Via Text) cowardly I know..!
  • [cite]Posted By: Curb_It[/cite]ketman the male equivalent of Vicx on CAFC babes.

    wot you mean everyones been there?
  • My advise would be, get over to NA and ask that Uncle Silas bloke to do a test drive for you first mate. Or don't you do sloppy seconds?
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  • Hello KB, nice username, WTF is a slittlesis??

    Confused from SE7
  • ohhh little sis... you are very naughty! but no thats not what i meant! close.
  • go and see that brit com, about university challenge Starter for Ten, she'll think your smart, and its bound to be a bit girly, etc... bound to 'help'.
  • Oh man, why you do that? Give her a chance she might just like you alot and want to "get to know you" ;-)

    Text her back saying sorry for being hasty and would like to meet her. You know it makes sense!!

    Mind if she does have three kids i'm sorry.
  • Henry, you're out of touch mucker. All that mushy romance stuff is very 80s, she'd be asleep by the second verse. No appreciation of the finer things the ladies of today
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    I agree that i'm out of touch. Been married since 1986!
  • Have decided as she is the one that suggested the flicks gotta be her that chooses (Please not a chick flick FFS)

    Curb_it I don't get it ....Vicx seemed nice, is she unlucky with the opposite sex or something ?
  • ketman, you are clearly in need of some expert first thing to remember is that its only 4 weeks to christmas...and two things start to happen to single, straight guys...1] single women start looking around for a single man for christmas so they wont get lonely (cramps your style if you succumb and costs you money because they expect a present); and 2] single blokes that can demonstrate they are still breathing at the end of the night get shagged...if you've got any self respect at all, dont go on 'dates' this side of the new year...tell her you can book her in for early january...
  • Whatever you do dont forget to cut a hole in the bottom of the popcorn box, pop your willy through it and then offer her the last bit.......
  • LTGTR - The official spokesman for Charlton Life.

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