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Whole thread of excuses

edited September 2008 in Match Day Travel

They have spotted it LOL


  • cheeeeeeeeeeeeese rolls
  • I love the way they think the cheese and Sky+ excuses are real...
  • are they thick or what
  • [quote][cite]Posted By: Tavern[/cite]are they thick or what[/quote]

    Well they support Palarse so must be
  • can't access it could you paste some of there comments?
  • Here is one from Danpalace

    "That thread made me so happy reading that. F*ck my painful toe, I'll read that & laugh at the pathetic pikeys & their excuses "
  • Not that he cares about us, of course!
  • yes i was thinking that as well
    edited September 2008
    [cite]Posted By: Off_it[/cite]Not that he cares about us, of course!

    Yeah, cracks me up, terrbile, tongue in cheek banter totally lost on them, not quick on the up take those lads.
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  • 'The older palace just dont want to give them the satisfaction of being thier rivals,so its wind them up more'

    Nah, really ???? We never realised that Brains, honest........

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