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Uefa cup last night

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All the brit clubs did really well last night. Good win for the yiddos in Levakusen, Gers came from behind twice, blackburn great result away at feyenoord, and Geordies did well v Vigo. All through to the knock out stages, well done those clubs. (even tho i hate yids thats a decent result)


  • it has suprised me to see them ALL doing well, particularly Blackburn and Newcastle. Perhaps the step up isn't as great as people perceive...
  • Now they are all through i reckon those clubs are well suited to this comp, blackburn a prime example, big and strong, tough to score against. I make you right tho afka, i was suprised they all qualified, good for the english game imo.
  • saw a bit of the newcastle game.

    seems weird watching them play with only a few in the ground! I didn't know what colour their seat were! bizarre.
  • Bit of a rubbish competition i think now.

    I remember when UEFA & CWC were both highly coveted trophies to win, but now nobody remembers the winners of the UEFA cup.

  • But if it distracts them from the PL, all the better for us...
  • yeah, found it surprising that 4 brit teams were in it, but only 1 was on telly.

    thought they'd have the sky studio thing on at least with commontators at each game?
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