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GAP 30% discount voucher

Anyone shop in GAP?

Just been sent this voucher - thought I should share!
I'm not on commission or anything. Just print it out and take it into the shop.

AFKA - please remove this post if you don't want it on the site - I won't be offended :o)


  • been doing the rounds on email this one.

    I don't think i've ever bought anything from Gap. Always struck me as it was aimed at post-grads for some strange reason !
  • Afka, do ya wear normal plain T shirts and long sleevers. If you do get yourself in there mate, i get all my plain white and various summer coloured t-shirts, good value for money, and decent quality
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    But I AM a post-grad!

    Never bought anything in there myself tho... The wife does occasionally...
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    I used to hate it, like you lot i didnt really give it a chance! I have some nice stuff from there now, as once my Mrs dragged me in there, if you get no takers F-blocker, i will be interested, drop me an email At
  • Lovely jubbly - buy a lot stuff for kids in there.

    Top stuff cheers
  • Ollie - just click through and print it!
  • Yeah i no i just clocked on! how dim of me!!
  • Must be something to do with the hair colour! ;o)
  • GAP/ Next ... don't do it ...
  • Next, i give you, but great plain t shirts in Gap!
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  • GAP was aimed at Students when it opened in the states ages ago. Liked it when it first opening here as no logos but not so keen now. Uniqlo for me.

    As Arf says nice kids clothes.
  • Is this genuine ? Forgive me for being naive/cynical etc etc, but as a post grad (and PHD he says being a complete flash git) and having Kids and lots of women working around me who also have Kids I could be on a bit of a winner here.

    Ahh the benefits of higher education [;D]
  • Yeah, it's genuine. I've been sent these in the past and used them without any probs.
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