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My cunning plan to get to Donny has gone Pete Tong!

I had arranged a meeting in Sunny Scunny for Tuesday 16 th through work. I was going to hire a car to drive and bring back a couple of mates who were getting the train up. Now a project manager wants to come with me to see the supplier, problem is he has a company car and we will have to use that. Not sure if he would want to go to the game (Liverpool fan) and not sure if he would give a lift to my couple of mates.
What should I do.


  • talking of pete tong..
    he walked past me the other day on Moorgate!
  • tell him you were going to go the game,he can't not go then,you arranged the meeting anyway so if he dont like it lamp for your mates there's not a lot you can do about it.
  • Punch him hard in the face making sure he gets a black eye then he won't want to go to see the supplier leaving you go with your mates as planned
  • Find a compelling reason why you have to go separately. - You've got an elderly relative living there that you've arrange to visit, or something like that.

    Don't go to Scunny by mistake though...:o)
  • G, just tell him that you have to use separate cars as you have strong feelings for him and dont want to be left cooped up together ;0) This plan could go wrong depending on how well you know you're boss and of course the rumours about you that would undoubtedly follow!

    Or of course you could just say you were going to the game and pretend to meet the lads at their by accident.
  • Simple - bad train journey resulting in cancellations including their connection back and although I don't know your boss no-one could be that heartless to force anyone to try and find a B and B in the delightful Doncaster - even I'm contemplating the coach for this one, after the hour we spent there on the way back from Scunny last season - Mrs Spectacle I quote - "where do I wipe my feet now I've left that pub?" :)
  • Myself and Afternoon delight will be coaching it to Donny
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