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Poor old Amdy

Sent off. Useless tosspot.


  • Phew! I thought you were going to say ..... he 'd been sent off for Stoke
  • Whats happened to Amdy....
  • NOT AMDY !!
    Whats he done ?
  • I did hear a rumour that he's been red carded...
  • And SENT OFF, as well........
  • Didn't he want to play in the Champions League ?
    He is , afterall, avery skilful player.
  • For having his feet up apparently. Had his feet up for 18 months here, ho, ho.
  • what a con man this guy is. He cant cut it at that level we all can see it but his agent must be some sort of hypnotist ! So "dear old Amdy" not POOR old Amdy gets in team plays like a useless tw*t the veils start to fall off and before he is truely sussed he gets sent off !!! so he sits out the next month on full pay ---- then he has to try to get his place back-- then he might get in team and we start again. All in all when he goes off to where ever he comes from he wil be a very rich man and he wil have played in total less than 50 games in the UK -------- thats not unlucky is being a CON MAN !
  • what a con man this guy is.


    Nope, it's purely the fault of those who signed him. He had one decent spell at Portsmouth, got a big money transfer to Newcastle and failed. Dowie took a punt on him and he was found out and Rangers learnt their lesson too. Why Stoke signed him who knows, I presume he was cheap and at least had experience of playing in the Premier league and I'd guess that most players that Stoke targetted were too expensive and/or wanted to remain on Premier league money if and when they got relegated.
  • thank god he went
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  • you know , i kinda miss the big fella.............
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