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undisclosed fees ?

Anyone know why & how this has come about. More and more transfer fees now are being announced as "undisclosed"

how gets to decide this - the buying or selling club - or both ?

say we sold ZZ for £500,000 - we may well want not to disclosed that we got such a palty sum, but on the other hand if we got £5 million i'm sure our directors would want us to know how much we got and conversly WBA may not want their fan sto know they paid over the top.

Also - if you are a shareholder do you have the right to know how much one of your assets was bought or sold for.

any answers ?


  • If its a listed company, as you say it can be pretty much worked out by accounts.

    I too am always baffled by the release figures on transfers. What's happened, has happened, and i can see no way of disguising it purely for 'supporter appeasement'.

    And there is normally no way of knowing just how real the figures are. ie, a player can be sold for a publicised £1m, yet it could be £100k up front, £200k on promotion, £300k on winning the nobel peace prize, and £400k on beating the X Factor winner to the Christmas No.1.....

    There is always the argument though that it is the Club's business, and no one elses....
  • I would like to know how much SWP went back to Citeh for.
  • I think I heard about 9m for SWP

    Its being described as 10-12m for Milner.
  • [cite]Posted By: golfaddick[/cite]
    Also - if you are a shareholder do you have the right to know how much one of your assets was bought or sold for.

    No otherwise clubs who were PLCs would have to disclose the figures.

    Would be better for football as an industry if all the deals, wages etc were in the open and might prevent some alledged dodgy dealing but can't see it happening in the same way I don't know how much you get paid or what your xmas bous was even if I own shares in your company.

    Not even sure if players are listed as assets in the accounts as they are employees so would be a cost. An accountant will tell me I'm wrong.
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    Hopefully this might shed some light.

  • I think these days the problem is two fold - the internet means that news gets out quickly and "undisclosed" is a convenient way to describe the price when details are sketchy. Secondly many deals these days include a down fee and additions - sell-on clauses etc nad that makes it difficult to publish a fee.
  • two of our players have gone on undisclosed amdy faye and Jerome Thomas
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