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Advice needed! Airline going bankrupt.......

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I am due to fly back to the UK in 3 weeks time with Zoom Airlines.

I have paid £1500+ for the family flights - booked on Mastercard.

Now it seems the airline is going bust. To quote the story just coming out...

n a statement, Zoom executive chair Hugh Boyle said the company's British and Canadian operations “have sought creditor protection by filing legal notices of intention to appoint an administrator in both the U.K. and Canada.”

“The airline's flights will continue to operate, and the decision to instigate creditor protection proceedings means that the demands of existing creditors are frozen while we continue negotiations on an investment package which already are at an advanced stage.”

However this does not leave me with much confidence as they have already started canceling flights.

Will we have protection as it's booked through a credit card??

Predictably Zoom are not answering the phone :-(


  • Call your Bank/Credit Card company now to find out - I think you should be ok

    Just in case do you have travel Insurance, if not get some now that includes cancellation as your flight is still currently scheduled.

    I'm sorry to hear about this mate - I'm going back in a few weeks and I almost booked Zoom as well but ended up getting lucky with BA points.
  • Just doing that now - they have just announced all flights cancelled & they have gone under.

  • This is encouraging:

    yahoo question

    Hopefully it's the same in Canada
  • I'll hold fire on the babysitter for 27th then..............;-)
  • Thanks Vancouver - we are hoping it's the same here in Canada - but knowing how North America operates it's probably not.

    Tim - yep - not sure we'll be hitting up The Vanbrugh at this rate!
  • Owned by the Chairman of Motherwell I
  • wouldn't travel insurance or paying by credit card cover this G
  • Motherwell had a bit of skullbuggery a few years ago, as I recall. Went into administration, failed to pay their creditors and used all the cash that they'd saved to pay top wage to free transfers.
  • Looks like they've gone to the wall

    G - try Virgin and BA, apparently they're doing a 'deal' for Zoom passengers....
  • just been listening to the top boy in UK of zoom on radio. They were still flying yesterday and trading to some degree, although they knew it was allover. Very close to fraud i would have thought.

    Oakster they said several times that if you paid by CC you can cliam they money back from the CC company.

    The thing that naffed me off was the tree hugers phoning in and saying they were glad that this airline had gone to the wall as maybe people would now care more about the damage that airlines do to the climate blah blah blah----------------------------------they must be close to turning peeps off of all this save the planet stuff.
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  • If you booked the flight on your credit card, your company should refund you. That is the perfect reason to book large purchases on a credit card. Does everyone remember when Tempo went bankrupt?? alot of people who brought on debit card lost, remember, dont sign on the dotted line until you talk to tempo!
  • Had the same thing with an airline going bust in 2004. We had booked using a credit card, when we went for a refund they requested one document, something like a notice from the administrators/liquidators. Sent that off and they sorted it PDQ.
  • Ther Credit Card Co (HSBC Mastercard) say we will be refunded - although I will believe it when the money is back in the bank. The levels of consumer protection over here are much lower than in the UK.

    Meanwhile am looking at booking Air Canada - but we are looking at close to £2500 return & landing in Heathrow rather than Gatwick..

    I suppose we were naieve to a degree - the price was pretty good, £1400 return including taxes, for 2 adults, a 3yo & a baby - but we had flown them a number of times without any issues at all & had no inkling they were in such deep trouble. In fact compared to the big carriers their service was a pleasure.
  • I actually flew to new yoek last year the day before new years eve, and also found them to be a good airline. Apart from the 9 hour delay coming home that was!
  • Aye Oakster and presumably its now more expensive to book with other airlines too, than it would have been if you'd booked with them earlier?
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