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International online commentary on its way

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Spoke to the CEO after the game on Saturday and he told me that he was about to sign up for International online commentary. Great news and hopefully people will now sign up and use the service. Im predicting it will be around £40 for the season...the price of two of the cheaper match day its a bargain for all of those in exile!


  • Tel. Does that include those of us that aren't in another country but may as well be?
  • Great stuff tel....

    I joined up on your site the other day an all......

    means no more text rubbish......

    good job
  • Do you know if this include away games, and if so, can all of us in exile from BBC Radio Kent's transmitter (which includes half of Kent) sign up for this as well?
  • From what I understood from a previous conversation its going to be a world service type operation, so yes anybody outside of Maidstone :-) Its probably like the Premium TV without the tv bit.

    Jon, yes, left you a welcome on the forum mate, glad to have you aboard
  • crikey Tel....

    just logged back in and what a friendly bunch, been invited out for beers left right and centre...

  • Yep they are all good mate. Surprised me on how many friendships (considering the vast distances) have developed between many of the members. We have a meet in Brisbane next month, one in Perth in December and the big one in Melbourne next March...should be great fun.
  • This sounds like good news.

    It's also good to hear that you guys get together from time to time.

    Tel , do you have a link for your site?
  • Great news Tel ....and thanks for letting us know.

    Good to here you downunder types do the meet & beer thing *thumbs up*
  • thank god for that stop you lot blooody bleating now :-))
  • Great news...
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  • Superb Tel. I hope people subscribe as I'd imagine that will go someway to seeing if the club extend it beyond one season.

    Wouldn't mind having a link to your site on my blog, if you don't mind mate.
  • Great news, Charlton finally makes its way over the Alps !!!!

    Thanks for the update Tel.
    edited August 2008
    Ok, Dan said it was ok to promote the Addicks site on here, as I didnt think it right or proper to do so without asking.

    Really easy to register and you'll be made to feel really welcome Im sure.

    Amazes me how friendly the directors of our club come across....Steve W called Derek Chappell over to introduce him to me...really nice guy.

    Excellent news all round as when Im in England I cant always get the away commentary even on DAB

    Yes Chicago, I really hope that we get a lot of prove that it was a worthwhile exercise for both the club and the further flung fans...fingers crossed!
  • FFS - do you realise this means I will have to be up listening to the radio at 8am every Saturday morning now. Poor old Vancouver will be up at 7am :-(

    Seriously - great news, Well done fella.
  • Not down to me mate, I was just a voice amongst many. Going to be a few very late nights/early mornings coming up in Sydney next month :-) but really happy to do it....
  • Tel can i get it in Doha -- Qatar ?

    or Lagos Nigeria ? im sure ill get it in Nigeria somewhat worried wot it is though !
  • Im sure you can get it in Charlton Church Lane if you try hard enough ;-)
  • Great news, though like you I mad it to the first 3 home games of the season but I'm back to Thailand next week.

    I hate listening to our games on the radio but I will sign up for sure.

    I would assume that the OS and/or the daily bulletin will have full details as soon as they are available.
  • Wow, this is great news. I'll definitely be signing up.
  • [cite]Posted By: TelinOz[/cite]Im sure you can get it in Charlton Church Lane if you try hard enough ;-)

    You certainly can in my village bus shelter .......!

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  • This is great news and as Oakster says I'll be up at 7 with a hangover
  • The OS will do the announcement as soon as the deal is signed.
  • [cite]Posted By: TelinOz[/cite]The OS will do the announcement as soon as the deal is signed.

    You mean it's not signed yet?

    Maybe it's not going to be a permanent deal ..... but only on loan until the January window?

  • lol you do make me chuckle Oggy....but having said that...youre probably right!
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