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Referees Decisions

We complain about football referees decisions but if anyone saw the Tai Kwon Do result today when the English girl all but knocked the Chinese girls head off and still did not get a point you'll realise that we are not so badly opff as some sports. Adrian Childs and Clare Balding were rightly livid. Surely it was not a fix.


  • i know just watched it what a joke
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    I readily admit that I know next to nothing about the rules and scoring of Tai Kwon Do but any layman could 'clearly' see that was a scoring strike....Absolutely gutted for the girl...complete and utter joke....and what makes it all the more gauling is that there appears to be no form of appeal/protest! We/she was robbed!
  • its not just Tai Kwon Do thats the problem there have been bias decisions for the chinese in the boxing aswell
  • She's been reinstated!
  • Rightly just reversed. I simply can't see how that was allowed to happen. Are the officials incompetent or cheats? Funny how the whispers of cheating in whatever competition in this Olympics seem to involve the Chinese, coincidence??
  • Well thank god for go on and win that gold my girl!!
  • Well thank god for go on and win that gold my girl!!


    A good decision to reverse the decision, but she lost the play-off, without wishing to be greedy, why didn't they reverse the deecision and give her a pass to the next round?
  • Well a happy ending, she beat her opponent to get Bronze, at least she gets a medal.
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