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Nee Naw!

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    I'm not sure what you're referring to. You say "things aren't looking good", do you mean financially or on the pitch? Because financially, we've HAD to cut the wage bill and raise some money, but the board put 15 million of their own money in to facillitate this and are obviously still giving Pardew whatever they can - he just spent 750k on Bailey.

    And if you mean they aren't looking good on the pitch, we've only played two league games?
  • Chunes,

  • surely there isn't a Charlton Life Board, more a Charlton Life board..? or bored perhaps in this case?
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  • my response would be that a lot of people are on holiday. got a bit naffed off with the effort last week and are resting from it and some are staying away as its full of doom and gloom merchants.

    It will pick up again soon.
  • Blimey - AFKA

    I suprised you mis-read the post as well!!!
  • So, I ask you, has this Charlton Life Board lost some of it's support over the past few months?


    I don't think so - we appear to still be acquiring new members and the posting rate for mid-summer is still good, what the page hit numbers are like only Lookie and Afka would know, and those might be down because of the techie issues this site has been experiencing . Personally I'm as enthusiastic as ever.
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    Smoke and mirrors

    Off_it is trying to make fools of us all with his ambiguity!
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    Dont think it has to much to do with CAFC as such. Peeps are on hols and the site stillhas difficulties re slow page turning, geting on to it etc. The people that know about these things are trying to get it sorted , im sure they will triumph soon. Then we can look forward to return of "does God exist debate" ----------------------------------------------------"this weeks dog" etc etc.

    I think we will have a pony season but that dont make me a doom merchant.

    Full faith in Murray we wouldnt exist without him as for Chappell its wait and see.
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  • And he fooled you and our great leader!
  • I think AFKA and Lookie are trying there best and we should stick by them during this difficult time!
  • Confused now.

    Personally although I dont come on here as often as I used to, I cant stand all the moaning we get especially from wind ups like Golf (see post the other day moaning about Iwelumos goals at Wolves and compare that to any post he commented on the same player last season)

    BUT, to be honest I dont really have anything positive to say at the moment so prefer to keep schtum, therefore dont post as often.

    Whats the point in me posting that I think our strikers are shite and we're gonna finish half way down the league, pointless innit.

    And if we are talking about the Charlton Board, thats another story altogether.

    Anyway I've still got the hump with for being so rubbish and letting all the touts hoover up my Oasis tickets, grr.
  • I am for the first time in a few years really under pressure at work & posting more than a couple of comments at the moment takes too long. However, I am proud to be a Charlton Lifer & hope after representing them at Football & Running they will put me forward as a member of the Charlton Life Olympic Squad for 2012.
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  • quick someone start a new thread has the Charlton Board lost support?
  • ..Seymour Pearce have been instructed to explore the possibility of new investors....

    Yes, it has been slower in the past fortnight, and i put that purely down to forum instability. If its slow, or crashing, people don't come back so often.

    Looking at the figures, we have showed continued growth since we started, with a big pick up for some reason in the close season. What has noticeably fallen in the past fortnight is the average page views per user, which is a sign that if its slow, people naturally give up, or click away from the site.

    Lookout has done a grand job in consultation with the hosting company, and we've just placed an order for new, improved dedicated servers which are going to take about a week for the hosting company to build.

    We're confident with this well be able to start taking the site forward again.

    *hopefully i've put off the sack the board cries for another week*
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  • I think if you look at all the other boards that used to be in the Premiership, a lot are having to make cutbacks and no longer are operating at the same speed as they used to. We are not alone in this. It's a time for everyone to pull together and get behind site admin. No-one likes to see threads being sunk, and a few more of those will probably see the crowd get on AFKA's back* but we all have to realise that we're not a Premiership board any more.

    * not that there's much room
  • ffs someone change the title of the thread to include Charlton Life board..

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  • If the numbers picked up in summer may be that was down to people coming across from Reams site, I posted on there for a number of years under it's different names but got fed up with all the negative talk in the end.
  • I'd written a post, but it was still hanging after a few minutes........ so I dutifully copied & pasted it, refreshed the page and then found out that half the posts had been edited, half the posters were in denial, and best of all the thread title had been changed ......! lol

    Charlton Life?

    More like 'Charlton mid-Life Crisis' ....... (!)

    Thanks for the updates though, AFKA - I certainly appreciate all the behind the scenes activity, and know doubt you and LoOkie are having to put your hands in your pockets for the new super-dooper servers.

    Keep up the good work!
  • I only clicked on this thread because i thought there was a football related joke on it.

    So here's a joke. What's the difference between a Pizza and a Liverpool supporter?

    A pizza can feed a family of four!
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