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Oh what a beautiful morning!

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Wandered down to the station this morning, bright sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. Beautiful - just what a summers day should be like. Life is bloody great you know.

I tell thee, we are getting three points this weekend - so lump on it people, lump on.

PS. I haven't been drinking.


  • Sniffing glue?..
  • took NLJR fishing this morning at 0500 had a puka day 16 carp to about 8 pound and the biggest nearly pulled him in both got a nice bit of sun today he loved it i loved it thomas and Faye both gone Off it is right Life is Bloody great you know
  • Thomas out off the bill, Faye for all his excellence have left us..... La la la la la la la

    Ooooh Nicky Bailey, Oh what a beautiful day
  • Carts you been on the ale bud
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Roland Out!